View Full Version : Just like the Hee Haw song

07-07-2004, 01:14 PM
Well, loaded up the wife and kids yesterday morning to go fish for a bit before the daily afternoon showers rolled through the area. We put in and i cruised out of the no wake zone and gunned it. Well, apparently the motor didn't want to be gunned and just kinda spit and sputtered a bit. Never could get it up on plane. I started zig-zagging to cut down on the drag and finally got it up on the water, but i noticed it wasn't all the way out of the water like it normally is. Anyways, we went to a rock wall so the wife and kids could fish for some bluegill. I hate fishing for those things. All i seem to do is feed them, then when i catch them i have to do surgery to get the hook out of its gut. We stayed there awhile and caught several but i decided to go to another spot so i could crappie fish. Same problem when i took off. The boat wouldn't get up and just kinda spit and sputtered like a lot of drag was on it. Eventually we got to the other spot and an idea dawned on me. This boat will run 71 rully loaded with me, the wife and two kids. Check the up trim. Bingo. That was it. It worked fine on the ramp putting in when i took my transom saver, but went out after that. Stopped by my local boat shop, got a never relay for $21 and change. Went home to fix it and the daily storms came through just like clock work. Just now got it fixed. Fixing to go see if i can get on some fish before the storms come again. Like the Hee Haw song says, "If it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all". :mad:
Take care