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03-10-2005, 04:10 PM
Hello all! I'm gearing up for another spring season of crappie/sunfish/trout fishing! :p Any Baltimore fishermen/ladies out here? Looking forward to fishing the Piney Run out in Carroll county in April. Need some info. I just brought the little Wally Marshall baitcaster (crappie) reel at Bass Pro. Does anyone have any experience with this reel? Has anyone matched it with a good baitcaster (trigger) rod? Although the reel calls for 10 lb. test line, I'm going down to 6 lb. test to give those crappies a fighting chance. So I'm looking for a good graphite that cast down to 6 lb. test line. Any suggestions? Right now, I'm looking a the Bass Pro ShopsŪ Tourney SpecialŪ IM-7 Graphite Rod. It's a 5'6" medium light rod. Also, what lures are pulling in the "SLABS"? :confused: Thanx!

03-10-2005, 05:53 PM
Hey shouldnt......my father used to be stationed up at Edgewood arsenal in Maryland. I used to fish Lake Conowingo above the Susqhehanna river quite a bit. Every spring I would catch a mess of large crappie in the creeeks and coves. They have a good population of big crappie. Back then my main technique was to find brush or trees laying in the water and cast to them with sassy shads, hal flies, and curly tails. I'd rig these on a weedless jighead so I could get down in the sticks. The neat thing about the coves on that lake was the depth. They were very deep yet had quite a few trees laying off the banks. These would be in 30 feet of water sometimes. This held populations of crappie year round. Might want to give it a shot sometime.

03-10-2005, 06:10 PM
Hi there crappster! Thanx for the response! I was just talking about doing some first time fishing in that area with my brother in law. He grew up in, and still goes to Aberdeen to see his family but don't know much about fishing in those waters - and neither do I. :( Were you on a boat or on shore? If a boat, can you point me in the right direction for renting one? And you sure got some "tight lines" and good fishing vibes coming your way in Ga. if you can name some of those spots so that I can be heading out that way (as soon as I do a little more healing from this ruptured tendon on my kneecap - in a few more weeks, I'll be able to hop to the docks :) ) Thanx agan.

03-10-2005, 09:02 PM
Alrighty boss.....here goes everything I can think of. First off, I'm not sure I can be much help in regard to where you can rent a boat. I operated out of a canoe, so never had to rent a boat. That shouldn't be too difficult though. The area I used to fish on Conowingo was just off of US hwy 1 before you go over Conowingo dam. I believe its called Castleton rd. You take a left on this road and you will eventually get to Broad Creek. Before you go over the Broad creek bridge you will see a boat landing to your right. Across the cove from the boat landing and slight to the left there is a large tree laying in the water. Lots of crappie on this. Moving down Broad creek towards the main lake, there will be docks on both sides of the creek. There are crappie on these docks, but I have not targeted them too much. About 100 yards up there is a big brush pile inbetween two docks on your right. Its in about twenty feet of water and the brush takes up the upper half of the water column. Lots of fish in there. Further down the creek on your left you will see a very large maple tree laying in the water. This off of some small cliffs. Always a large school of crappie in there. Further up on your left you will see a bunch of small cliff faces. There are crappie all along these. That is pretty much the hotspots that I remember. There is not alot, but these were very big structures and hold lots of fish year round. That was five years ago, so things may have changed. In any case there are alot of crappie in Broad creek. And very few people fish for them. Even in the spring. Hope this helps. And let us know the report when you get to go. It would bring up lots of memories I'm sure.

03-10-2005, 11:06 PM
You've got it Crappster! Ok, let's see....let's go to Mapquest.....Rt. 1 headed north...there's Castleton to the left....looks like I'm on Flintville Rd. - and there's Broad Creek! Let's zoom in.....looks like Flintville Rd. crosses Broad Creek a little after crossing Paddrick Rd. Mapquest don't give any more detail than that but that's close enough! And with the info you just gave me - that good enough to get my rods and reels rattling :) Thanx alot Crappster - I just called my cousin and we're going to make a dry run out to the area in a few days to see what's what. Well let me go check my sassy shads, hal flies, and curly tails supply :D :D I'll keep in touch C and hope to make you proud! Thanx again and all I'll be saying to that string of slabs is: shouldn't of bit - fish!!!! :eek: