View Full Version : Where's Moose???

03-02-2005, 01:25 AM
Last post I saw was three pages back. What's up?

Larry-Southern Indiana
03-02-2005, 06:08 AM
I Think Moose Has Found A Woman!!! :d

Too Cold To Go Fishing Here. Chill Factor Was 15 Here Yesterday.


03-02-2005, 09:30 AM
I Think Moose Has Found A Woman!!! :d

Too Cold To Go Fishing Here. Chill Factor Was 15 Here Yesterday.


Sure hope he writes short love letters than he does when he post on here or they will never have quality time. I am missing his post also.

03-02-2005, 11:01 AM
Well I am still here.. Had to repair the old PC. I learned to debug my hard drive, set up a partition and format said partition and installed Windows XP Home Edition finally. It's taken me several days to do all that. My Que Book on Windows XP Home Editions is over 3" thick.

I installed a demo game called "Dangerous Waters". It was slow and the screen play was jerky so I decided that my Sound Blaster Live Sound Card was not handling the 3D sounds in the game. Since sound is very important in submarine warfare I thought I would get a new sound card. I got an Audigy2 EZ sound card that works with 24 bit sound and it was not going to work with my old copy of Windows98SE. My OS was about ready to be updated anyway so this forced me to do what I put off as long as possible. I just received the full version of Dangerous Waters the other day Tue and the manual is over 500 pages in size. Luckily the pages are not very big. 5" by 8" but the fonts are small. I will need to get new Bifocals after I finish the manual. LOL

I missed you guys. It felt very funny not having access to the internet especially crappie.com. I backed up all my favorites, and address book but I lost all my electronic emails to my private email account. I saved those in paper form by printing them out before reformating. I also had to save my download files that I collected over the last 2 years. I have those all saved on my External USB hard 120 gig hard drive. Best thing I ever purchased for this computer system.

I was up all night and it's now 10:00 am here. I plan on getting just a few hours sleep and then getting back up and maybe tonight I will be so tired that I can get to bed early and not stay up all night again. I miss seeing the sunlight. :(

I see that Richard is back out on KY lake. Some things are good to see. Can't wait until April to come back down to the big lake. I plan on fishing the small pits here in the meantime. I have learned the Southern end of Blue Grass Pit and have to explore Loon Pit this next year and the Northern End of Blue Grass Pit. I have fished almost all of Otter pit and have the crappie zeroed in on that one. LOL It's only 90 acres so it's easier to cover and learn the lay of the bottom.

My crappie are still alive and kicking. I have four fish in my tank. The smaller fingerlengh catfish has grown since last summer. That fish has doubled in lenght from about 1" to 3" long now. He can almost catch and eat the small chub minnows. The Black Crappie and the White crappie are doing well. The warmouth is as agressive as every. They area all eating me out of house and home.. I found out that they can go for two entire weeks without eating and live. LOL I went out last week and got them a good 1/4 lb of chub minnows for three bucks.

I got a hair cut also. Took the sheers to the old long hair and saved it close this time. I wear a baseball hat most fo the time when I am out side anyway so this will keep the hair out of my eyes and off my ears.

That's it for now guys. I am beat and need to hit the rack.