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02-27-2005, 09:45 PM
can you help me out on greers ferry going 3-12-to 3-19 out of state by 12 hours thank you

Jason Piper
03-01-2005, 03:50 PM
Sorry, I have never fished Greers Ferry and that's about 4 hours from where I am. You might contact Daryl Morris at http://www.familyfishingtrips.com/
I Think he has fished that lake.

Darryl Morris
03-01-2005, 06:20 PM
Nope, sorry. Never fished Greers Ferry, but I do hear there are some crappie. GF is a super clear lake. So, all I can recommend is find the brush. Mid-March should have the crappie at least in the staging areas near shallower water prepared to go in and spawn. Check water temp to help guide you where the crappie might be.

03-02-2005, 09:57 AM
thanks for the info. it looks like i picked a lake that nobody fishes just my luck got a free week at a condo. thanks again

Darryl Morris
03-02-2005, 12:25 PM
Hey, it'll be great. Beautiful place. If I were you, I'd take a 6ft. medium action rod with a descent spincast reel and a pocket full of spoons (Kastmaster 1/4 oz. work great, but any chrome, blue or gold spoon will do). Coast around the entrances to coves and around bridges or ledges and watch for the white bass, hybrids and stripers breaking. Charge them and cast that spoon right in the middle of them. The time of year should be right for that and this is the result.



03-02-2005, 03:50 PM
Billbob you may want to go after those wipers instead of those little crappies! From the looks of those pictures, they have some pretty nice ones down there.

03-02-2005, 05:33 PM
Nice fish, nice bent dowel.

03-02-2005, 06:38 PM
Billbob- I've fished the lake, usually late Oct early Nov. I stay at Devils Fork Resort. Get a lake map and you'll see where the Middle Fork of the Red River comes in. The time your're going is just right for WALLEYE. The middle fork is the hot spot. That fork has more timber and brush than you can fish. Start up the fork and keep going. Lots of standing timber. As you come down the lake heading south, go under the new bridge and the fork is 1/4 mile on the left. Phil and his wife at Devils Fork Resort are great people. You can pull into the dock and he'll help you.
I don't know what you have for a boat but that lake can get rough fast.
E-mail me if you need more info. I'm down there in the fall for the Stripers.
Good luck and be Careful. Bill

03-04-2005, 10:12 AM
clay 95
i will try to email

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