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06-17-2004, 09:28 PM
I very easily converted over to the "New" crappie board and enjoy reading new posts every day from people from all over the country. The one thing i don't understand is as i have said before, i am in Tennessee and i don't see a single thing about Tennessee lakes, much less Middle Tennesee lakes. I have posted on here about getting the latest reports and all i see is people tickled to death that they can post some kind of jpg.attachment. I enjoy coming here, i spread the news that i see or hear, i wished some more people from Tennessee would post on here. To Jerry Blake, i had a great vacation. I am coming to see your "little peace of heaven" as i called it next month. Thanks for taking the time to respond to me individually Jerry, i appreciate it.


Jerry Blake
06-17-2004, 09:41 PM
Hey Fatboy,

I think once everyone gets used to the new message board you'll see more responses to posts for certain areas. So far Iíve been disappointed that we havenít had much action on the Arkansas board but Iím hoping that will improve once everyone gets settled in here.

Give me a shout when youíre in town 501-844-9028. If you need any suggestions on restaurants or lodging or anything just let me know. I can get you a discount at the Clarion Resort Ė I use their boat ramp and dock and bring them some business.

Iím usually cleaning fish on my boat at their dock around 11:30 so if you get a chance stop by. Better call first though because if itís real hot Iíll be doing my fish cleaning under a bridge. Iíd be happy to give you and your wife a boat ride around the lake a bit if you like.


06-17-2004, 11:55 PM
Welcome to the board, Fatboy. I fish Watts Bar in E. Tn. a few times a year ... mostly the two tournies that are sponsored by Crappie.com and a bunch of other great bait companies and Crappie websites.
You will find that this board, as is the case with many others, will flag a little during the Summer months. It may be that people are "not home" as much, the fishing slows down, honey-do's get priority, or any number of other things are responsible for the decrease in postings. A lot of the former members of Crappie.com's old board haven't totally moved to this one, a bunch of them "read" the posts and rarely answer any, and there are new members coming onboard every day.
You are located right in the midst of several good TN lakes, within a couple hours drive ... you should be telling US the latest fishing reports on the waters of the great state of TN ...LOL!! Lots of people come here for info on "how to" ... but many come looking for a new "where to" :) !!
Our annual "Fall Brawl" Crappie tournament at Watts Bar is coming in Oct ... you might want to keep your eyes on this board for more info on that - and consider entering and fishing it. We have a blast ... fishing the tourney, telling stories, comparing equipment/notes/techniques, meeting new people, taking home some nice stuff from our Sponsors, and chowing down on some great eats (we have a Fish Fry Buffet Social the day after the tourney). Finish in the one of the top three spots ... and you and your partner could end up with a sack of baits and other goodies - PLUS a rod of your choice from BnM Poles ...EACH !! We try and have enough Sponsors to donate enough stuff, so that we can present a prize package to as many of the teams as possible and still have a nice amount of things to split between each team member. And, even when we can't cover every team in the field - there's still a chance of winning some prizes, as we usually have a few bags of goodies that are given away to the "non-winning" teams, in a "blind draw".
Again - welcome to the new board, and ...........luck2ya ............cp :cool: