View Full Version : Boat ? for jeff white??

07-14-2007, 08:38 PM
Jeff what degree do you think your TP185 has on it?
Yes its that time again. And will be hitting the books again for a few years. Then rebuild the layout of the 2072 War-Eagle or start from scratch with a 23 ft hull.
Low front deck like mine now. Twin consoles With wrap around windshield. Big 30 gallon bait well in front of the drivers console. Then a 30 gallon live well built the passengers side.
The live wells and consoles will butt against the front deck.
Built in floor fuel tank.
Swivel seats like your boat behind each console. Then three across the back then in the back. A 60+ live well with storage on each side the live wells. This way the back is set up for easy reach to troll crank baits or anchor fish for big blue catfish.
Or run planner boards out the back for striper's..
This will be a spider rig boat. Planner board running boat.
Anchor fishing boat.
controlled cat fishing boat on the front deck.
controlled drift fishing for sauger..
AS you can see I love to fish. I am not one that only fishes for one kind. But about anything will bite I love..
Also over the twin consoles will be a top to get out of the weather in the winter time.
So come on Jeff. Tell me what degree that hull is.
Right now mine is 12 degree. The new of if I go that way. Will be 15 degree or 18 degree..

07-15-2007, 09:22 PM
Hmmmmmm that place where your camper is looks kinda familiar.LOL

Buddy you are going to have one fine fishing boat there.

J White
07-16-2007, 06:44 AM
Man, I'll have to try and find out - never remember seeing it in any specs.

I do know Alumacraft V's have sort of a "different" hull at the back,
it is sort of curved, sort of like one big shallow reverse chine :confused:
And it is variable, not really sharp right at the back, but steadily gets
sharper towards the front.

What you're talking about building sounds great - just when we in a drought
like this don't you be takin 120 gallons of lakewater home and watering the
yard every trip, lake be dried up before long :eek: :D :D

07-16-2007, 10:33 AM
Fish yes that was a great trip. Wish it was that time of year. And all of us, Where there at nickajack again.

Jeff Don't tell everyone. That was what I had been thinking also. Bring a few hundred gallons back each trip.
Sell it for enough to cove the cost of gas and such. Pay for the fishing trip bootlegging water out HEHE
Jeff what I like about the boat being layed out like that. Is plenty of front deck and storage , Then bait and livewells up front both of them without corners built into them.
Twin console for the cold days and rain. With the top to boot..
Then the back open where you can walk around not have to reach over after a rod. Even enough room for 2 people to reel fish in at one time back there.
Now to figure out where the lazy boy and 50" big screen TV and fridge is going .
Also looks like I will have to find out of I can still weld this tin up for the boat. Its been Well way to many years for me.