View Full Version : Floating Crappie Trees (will they work?)

02-13-2005, 09:37 PM
I made 2 of these floating crappie trees today and would like to know if they will work? I need your input, please.
They are made with empty 5 gal. Buckets and empty plastic milk crates and " PVC pipe and ski type rope with a piece of fun noodle in the top bucket for a float and anchored with a bucket of 80# quikrete.

02-14-2005, 06:19 AM
as far as "making a tree formation" underwater ... yes, they probably will - IF the weight is sufficient to keep the set-up submerged.
The only possible "downside" to this "formation", is that the tree will "move" (sway) with any current. This may or may not "bother" the fish.

One thing I might suggest, if you don't mind ... rather than making the "tree" more like a "ladder" - you might consider cutting those 10' branches into two 5' branches and running them thru the buckets, from end to end with one - and thru the sides, with the other...making a + configuration thru each bucket, and doubling the number of branches at the same time. I'm just going by the picture (which is 2 dimensional) on my observation of how the set-up will look underwater. I'm just thinking out loud, here ...

I might also suggest using weedless jigheads around this "tree" ... ski rope is notorius for hanging up exposed hooks !!

Best way to find out if it will work .... is to sink it, and see. Though, I think I'd be sure and throw the bucket/branch/jug portion of it, out into the lake - BEFORE I pushed the 80#'s of q'crete overboard ... a man could get "flogged" pretty good with those PVC pipes, if the "drop" didn't go off as planned ...LOL!! Just be careful - play it safe ! And when you "git-er-done", and start fishing around it ... be sure and give us reports ....luck2ya ...cp :cool: