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02-13-2005, 09:15 AM
Very disturbing... prays go out to the family members

Tudor will be missed 2/10/2005
The Associated Press has reported details surrounding today's shooting at Lowrance Electronics. Catherine Tudor was shot and killed at the Lowrance Electronics factory in Tulsa, Okla. The shooter, her ex-husband Cory Baker, then took his own life.

Police are still investigating, but they believe it had to do with a dispute between the pair.

Scott Walton, a police spokesman, was quoted as saying, "She had been down (to court) to obtain a protective order, but he hadn't been served yet."

Baker reportedly walked past the Lowrance receptionist armed with a shotgun shortly after 1 p.m. and shot Tudor in her office. He then shot himself.

Those in the fishing industry knew Tudor best by her former name Catherine Baker. In her position with Lowrance, she worked with the pro staff and in support of the BASS Federation.

Skeet Reese, a member of the Lowrance pro staff, said, "Catherine was one of the backbones of the promotion side at Lowrance. Doug O'Hara is the pro staff's immediate boss, but she was the backbone in the office for taking care of pro-staff orders and contracts. She was our liason at Lowrance.

"She was a super sweet person that we're going to miss dearly."

Ish Monroe, also a Lowrance pro-staff member, said, "Catherine was great. I finally got to meet her face-to-face this past year at the (Bassmaster) Classic. You could always call her, and she returned phone calls. She got the job done.

"This industry has a lot of busy people and you never get that kind of personal attention. She always made you feel like you were getting that attention."

He said he received the news of her death earlier this afternoon at the Toho FLW. "I was waiting in line today at the FLW tournament and heard the news. I was shocked, because of the type of person she was. She was nice, and sweet and you'd never think that anybody would want to harm her.

"To me, it's really sad. I've been driving for the past 4 hours and it just keeps running through my mind why bad things happen to really good people."