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02-12-2005, 10:11 AM
I was wondering if the warm winter weather we are having has any impact on the fish regular patterns as far as spawning, etc.

Our weather has been so unstable this winter. Couple of days 60's and beautiful and the next freezing and then 50's and 60's the next. I think I've worn t-shirts as much this winter as my winter coat.

This may be a Moose question.

In any case, seems to me that it would have some impact considering it's doesn't seem to be normal.

02-12-2005, 05:08 PM
This is definately a Moose type question LOL.

The news organization CNN says this is the warmest winter on record.

Global Warming? You better believe it. Glaciers are melting and the sea levels are rising. Have they done this in the past? You bet! But back then we didn't have millions of people and billions of dollors worth of property in the danger zone.

Two things going on here. One is the increase in green house gases in the atmosphere. CO2 which would normally be locked up in the earth in the form of limestone or coal is being released in record amounts globally. Unlike a one time a 1000 years volcanic erruption this occurs ever hour of every day all day long 365 days a year for the last 100 years.

Second thing going on is the depletion of the upper atmopsheric Ozone Levels. This allows more of the sun's energy to get down to the earth.

Ice caps are getting thinnner every day at the North and South Pole. In fact it may be possible to one day go around North American to get from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. (famous Northwest Passage may actually reappear)

As for how this is effecting the fish? I would start talking to all the professional guides or the guys that fish year round and see how they are doing. They each will have a bit of information that when all added together would help show the true picture of what the fish are doing.

Here is one thing you can do. Check the water surface temps over the last few weeks and see how much they have changed. That most of you all can do. Now if you have some temp gauges that can be lowered down into the water column you can also check to see how the deeper waters is effected by these warmer days. Those deeper water will take a longer time to warm up. Shallow waters that are exposed to longer periods of sunlight and sunlight from a higher angle will warm up faster especially if they have wood on them and or dark bottoms.

Remember that this time of the year there is not much food in the form of new fish. Fish spawned last spring and those fish have grown and or died and they may not be the right size now to be forage for prey fish. So the prey fish have to eat something else. Little insect life is available to the fish now. Fish may have to depends on worms that borrow into the muck to survive. The algae has all but died and fallen to the lake bottom to rot. As the surface waters in the shallows warms up the algae can start to grow again.

The timing of the warming depends on what latitude you are located. I suspect that guys that live in Lousiana and Florida and South TX are getting ready to start fishing the spawn much sooner than those of us in IN.

I wish that the government would do more research on this stuff for us fishermen. But the budgets are tight and being cut as I type this.

02-12-2005, 05:57 PM
howdy; the 'local' (Charleston,WV) weather guy was just saying last week that overall the temp. and precipitation levels are averageing out to a fairly normal winter. usually we just don't get so many 60's grouped up like they have been.that's what is making it seem like it's been a warmer winter.
not all fish spawn in the spring. some are summer, some fall, some in winter. seems that Ma nature has a way to keep things in balance no matter how much we humans try to screw it up. tarfu

02-12-2005, 06:16 PM
NASA has something to say about this warming trend:


Now as to the fishing. Well that is another story. We can ask Jerry and some of the other guys that are out on the water year round.

02-12-2005, 06:33 PM
Just got in a little while ago from fishing. Beautiful day all in all. Don't know that it reached the 60 temps that were forecast but it was in the 50's for sure and very pleasant.

Not complaining about the warm weather but seasons are seasons and the cycle of things kind of get screwed up I would imagine should you have radically different weather.

Global warming complexities for the average person is a difficult concept to grasp I would guess and not something you think about daily. Although I know the science of it is pretty alarming to scientest that monitor this type of thing, I reckon like me most folks just kick up their heels and enjoy some nice weather during the middle of winter.

Todays weather sure had the lake full of fisherman. Nice catches for most folks.

Interesting article in CNN Moose. Thanks.