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David Waters
05-06-2007, 04:36 PM
I just thought I would post this on the main page as well.

Well, our last tournament for this year is over. This was a great end to a great season for the Shoals Area crappie association. We fished 9 tournaments throughout the season. We fished in when it was 100 degrees, rain, snow, and even as low as 18 degrees cracking the ice and trhowing salt on the ramp as we launched. But we fished anyway. Just know if you plan a tournament, surely bad weather is going to come your way.

We had 2 categories our teams competed in this year. A points race and a team of the year race. In the Team of the year race, we combined the best three tournaments of the year from each team. Here are this years winners:

16.88-Jeff and Allison White ($100)
16.76--Whitehead/Mitchell ($50)

In the points race, teams earned points through attendance of meetings and placement at tournaments. Here are this years winners:

169--Jeff and Allison White ($100)
140--Dodd/Ledbetter ($50)

Each of these winners will recieve a plaque commemorating their acheivements.

We also have a lunker of the year.
This years winner is Jeff and Allison White ($50)

We also give out an award for Adult/Youth which goes to Jeff and Allison White

The season started at Wheeler in June, and ended 11 months later on Cedar. We had one cancelled tournament on Pickwick in February. The weights were not as big as last year, but weather played a huge role. Jeff and Allison White were the dominant force in the club this year. Their domination started with last year's classic and didn't stop until they had won 5 in a row, something that may never be matched. They also didn't miss a single event hosted by SACA all season. Mark Mitchell and Brad Whitehead almost overtook the White trio later in the season falling short by just a little over an ounce. Keith Dodd and Don Ledbetter, last year's points champions, came in second in the points race by only missing one event the entire season. Other strong teams this year finishing in the top five were David and Jimy McCarley, David Waters and Gerald Aker, and Rex Davis and Keith Barksdale.

I want to let everyone know how important this club is to me. I started the club 2 years ago after attending my first ever CUSA tournament. I fished terrible, but left the tournament with a strong desire to create our own club here in the shoals area. I am happy to say that we are now starting our third year. I feel it has been a huge success with it's members. We still have some tweeking to do to get everything just the way we want it, but I feel stronger about the club now than ever before. The fishing knowledge I have gained is incredible. The experiences and the brotherhood among our members is amazing. The freinds I have made are irreplaceable. As we start our 3rd season, I hope we can gain a few new members, have a few more fish fries,and continue this great recreation and sport of crappie fishing.

If anyone is enterested in joining our crappie association, please feel free to call me at the number listed below.

05-06-2007, 04:46 PM
Thank for the post and thanks for all your hard work.