View Full Version : Donít ya just love em !

04-29-2019, 06:10 AM
So,we have a local guy trying to sell locally made baits for the bait maker.Hes been on social media posting pics of the crappie thatís fallen prey to this bait.
Two days ago he posted a pic of a couple crappie with the familiar sales pitch ,and current lake conditions........problem is,the lake conditions he was claiming was in fact totally false. Presently said lake is several feet above flood stage,and red clay muddy.
I actually talked with the gentleman a few weeks ago when water conditions were good,his fish take was two crappie, but his media report later that evening was quite embellished to say the least.
I say this out of a bit of aggravation, first we have to be careful of dubious results of products.Many folks ( local ) know this dude,but others do not,tempers have flared from some who made longer trips only to find the lake a flooded mess of mud.
Iím betting his fame flame will soon burn out,but until then,I will grab my bowl of popcorn ,and get my lake report from better sources.