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03-25-2019, 06:45 PM
I've chatted with Skeetbum at length, and have lost my conversations with him. We've talked about recarpetting a boat. Well, I've got the old torn off, all the aluminum sanded and cleaned smooth, and it is time to lay the new. Skeetbum suggested "Weldwood", I believe. I can't find a marine weldwood. Is it all the same? What have you all used with great success to throw carpet on aluminum?

03-25-2019, 07:23 PM
I have used Weldwood before. It works fine, but it's a pain in the butt to apply.

I tried 3M 77 spray adhesive, and will no longer use anything else. Spray both sides, wait a few minutes, and stick them together. It's more expensive, but well worth it IMO.

03-25-2019, 08:35 PM
You might want to check out some you-tube videos on re carpeting an aluminum boat?

Good Luck :ThumbsUp

03-25-2019, 09:19 PM
I got my carpet glue from Lowe’s as they had a all weather type and had this carpet in my jon boat now 4 yrs and it’s taken a sliming beating. I also power wash it down and it’s still sticking. I didn’t do anything to the aluminum other than hose it down before applying the glue just like you would on a floor before rolling the precut carpet pieces down.