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Lane Palmer
03-21-2019, 12:12 PM
Hey folks,

I know I'm new to the forum, but I want to introduce our tackle company, Constant Pursuit Outfitters. I started this tackle company is 2010 because as a full time guide, I wanted a soft plastic lure that would last more than three to four fish before needing to be replaced. I felt that if I designed tackle which would last longer, I could keep my customer's lines in the water, allowing them to be in the strike zone for greater amounts of time. This would help them catch more fish, making my job easier as a guide, and giving my clients more success.

I knew nothing about making jigs, and at the time, there was very little information out there for people looking to make soft plastics. So, I started playing around with formulas, paints, glitters, scents...you name it, and was able to come up with a decent looking jig. I then made 1,000pcs of ten colors I thought would catch fish, and give fisherman the confidence to go out and have success on the water. What I didn't know is that I cured the first 10,000pcs in the wrong manner, and after building that many lures by hand, I had to scrap them all and start all over.

Over the years, I've created molds and have added elements that continue to help me as a guide. I design certain body styles to meet different criteria throughout the year, such as our Thump Chubby, which is designed to be fished from mid May when the fry start to hatch, until fall when the fish target big baits again. We were also one of the first and only people to start UV enhancing all of our soft plastics, allowing the fish to see them better, while also impregnating all of our stuff with shad and garlic oil.

Everything that you see on our website and in stores, is based off of what I need as a guide, and the feedback I get from other full time guides on our pro staff. For a color or style to make it on our website, it has to pass the tests that I put it through on my guided trips.

Fast forward almost a decade from 2010, and that hobby I started in a 6 x 10ft closest is now a full fledged tackle manufacturing company, with a team of helpers in both east Texas and central Florida. Over the years we have brought a higher standard of plastic to the market, while also introducing UV enhanced lures and natural smelling products. We will continue to produce tackle full time guides and tournament anglers can support their families with, and will continue to grow and change as Mother Nature tells us to. My job as a professional fisherman and hunter is always changing, and I have to produce quality tackle if I want to be successful on the water.

I hope everyone has a great 2019 fishing season, and please let us know if we can ever do anything to serve you better as a company. I take great pride in helping others enjoy success on the water, and at Constant Pursuit Outfitters, we want our fishing tackle to do the same thing for you.

Tight Lines Y'all!

Lane Palmer

www.constantpursuitoutfitters.com (http://www.constantpursuitoutfitters.com)



03-21-2019, 01:03 PM
Looking good..... I am going to try out some of your thump buddies.

03-21-2019, 01:51 PM
Love the Thump Chubbies profile and the C.R. Special color has worked good for me.

03-23-2019, 06:08 AM
them baits is tough puppies yawl ...if you ketch lots and want to keep a plastic bait on the jig a while try some .
NOBODY makes a tougher plastic I know of and to be sure I have ripped quite few lips with them baits myself
on a side note ….fyi….his "white hot" I think its called is a great color combo to use