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03-08-2019, 08:38 AM
Let's say that your position in the boat ( your boat) is the stern. That's your office, your Garmin is there, so are your Scotty rod holders for trolling, your Millenium seat has conformed to your posterior just fine. But the trolling motor with Spot Lock is on the bow. You cruise up to a brush pile, the Garmin doesn't lie......they're there! Your buddy deploys the trolling motor (but you have the remote) because he's in the bow seat. There is a 5-10 mph wind. Current is negligible.
What happens in the stern with a scenario like this? And if it is what I think it is, what advice to you have?

03-08-2019, 09:29 AM
Turn your bow into the wind and troll up until the brush is under the stern end, then spotlock it.

03-08-2019, 01:14 PM
Experimenting with my spot-lock (I just got new Terrova I-Pilot in Jan), I have also found it works best bow into the wind/current.

03-08-2019, 01:20 PM

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03-08-2019, 01:49 PM
I understand that it works best into the wind and current. But where does that leave the guy in the stern (me). The stern has to be wildly swinging, I guess, I've never been in a boat with Spotlock. Am I wrong? Another way to word my question would be to ask whether Spotlock is even a benefit to the guy in the stern.

03-08-2019, 02:18 PM
Boat position using spotlock on the bow at the stern will be affected by the current and the wind, no way around that being a factor but it is the same as using a non spotlock bow mounted trolling motor as far as stern position is concerned when staying stationary.

The key is to learn where to place the bow of the boat in relation to that wind and current to put the stern of the boat where you want it to be before you engage spotlock.

I fish using spotlock with 2 people in the boat and one thing I have found is sometimes you cannot get a good position for both fisherman staying stationary using a bow mount trolling motor. I cured this by putting a hand controlled trolling motor on the transom and the guy fishing in the back can use that motor just enough to "swing" the back end around to give them good casting angles as well.

There have been many windy days that I would have probably left a lot earlier if it was not for spotlock keeping me from fighting boat position more than I was fishing.

If you just care about the rear of the boat you can be fine with spotlock alone just learn how to place it but if you want both ends of the boat lined up when stationary using trolling motors then the best I have found on windy days where the wind works against you is the two trolling motor method, spot lock to hold position and the rear motor to swing the back around for the preferred casting angle to the target.

03-08-2019, 03:34 PM
Thanks, I had not considered that. This I can do. Now I need to buy the bow motor with Spotlock. I really appreciate the responses.

03-08-2019, 03:43 PM
spot lock is priceless about 99% of the time if your fishing deeper then a powerpole will hold for anything that swims. i have had them on my bay boats since the first one came out and ill Never own a boat with out it now, all 3 of my boats have one since the new ultrex came out . as Vfourmax said its about learning where to place the front end of the boat to place the back where you need it, witch is just understanding where your "drift path" will take the boat. i personally wouldn't mount my trolling motor in the back of my boat but i have seen guides in Galveston do this so that they can spot lock, and place the customers on the bow of the boat. so that they are fishing down wind to make it easier for people that don't fish much, and not trying to cast in the wind or trying to feel a bite in a cross wind. the boat defiantly walks around more on spot lock with the water pushing against the wide flat transom over the v of the bow but for the job they are asking it to do it gets it done.

03-08-2019, 04:59 PM
I too have spot lock, I love it, too! Wind is always an issue to deal with, always has been. Spot lock makes fishing in the wind better than not having spot lock. No comparison. Face the wind. The rear of boat will move. Has to if it's not anchored in some manner. Check wind direction and try to understand which way the rear is going to move and be governed accordingly. If you have wind pushing on side of boat the rear has to move. Adjust the boat placement to avoid wind hitting directly on the side of boat.

Spotlock is IMHO the best accessory ever added to a boat.

03-08-2019, 06:30 PM
Vfour said it all. I’m 100% with the small cheap motor on stern. I wold suggest you go out when you get motor, just drop a marker bouy and practice holding on that bouy. It’s like anything else practice, practice and more practice. When first got my Terrova I put my boat in my pond and practiced everything it would do until I pretty much understood every function it was capable of. Neighbors thought I was crazy but when I got to lake I didn’t even have to think about what I was doing. Just went fishing.

03-08-2019, 06:37 PM
Not sure how your fishing but sometimes I will tell my partner just move up here with me sometimes the boat has to be in a spot that just has a small window to fish. In that case we just work together and share. I've stood side by side many days. Just my 2 cents

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03-08-2019, 07:37 PM
I understand that it works best into the wind and current. But where does that leave the guy in the stern (me). The stern has to be wildly swinging, I guess, I've never been in a boat with Spotlock. Am I wrong? Another way to word my question would be to ask whether Spotlock is even a benefit to the guy in the stern.

With the TM on the bow and the boat headed into the wind AND current, the stern doesn't move. Into one and against the other is always tricky. If wind or current is there but not both, that's fine too. Nose towards whichever. The boat won't move much.

03-08-2019, 10:05 PM
If the wind is blowing and you hit spot lock the trolling motor will reposition the boat and settle down and maintain a tight position if you have the 2nd generation or newer. Once established you can use your remote to make 5 ft adjustments forward, back, left or right to lock yourself right where you want to be. If you have located a good piece of structure and your locators antenna is close to your trolling motor position set a waypoint on your sonar unit. If it is a Humminbird and you have a Lakemaster card in they will communicate with your Minnkota motor and it will be a piece easy to return to the spot using the options on your remote. The jog feature on the remote is a great tool to make those needed adjustments to offset changes created by wind direction changes and current changes. As long as you have a good waypoint to go back to your system again will help you get the results you’re looking for.

03-08-2019, 10:26 PM
That's when we pull the front seat and wear em out. Just remember to leave the live well open. This scenario has caused some of the better arguments between me and my wife. She refuses to move up and accuses me of blocking her from the fish. Biggrin.... Maybe

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t fuller
03-09-2019, 12:07 AM
Tandem seats up front. Everyone is happy!

03-09-2019, 08:59 AM
The first rule of spotlock: Slow down to a crawl before you get to the spot you want to spot lock. If you approach the spot at more than just a tenth or two mph it takes the motor a little while to settle down due to over shooting the mark on boat movement.

03-09-2019, 09:01 AM
Neighbors thought I was crazy but......

Charlie, I figure they already had suspicions about that before you put the boat in the pond. :Rofl

03-09-2019, 10:45 AM
I love the 5 foot jump button. Once spot lock is in place you can move the boat 5 feet in any direction to hone into the position you desire. Once you start catching fish, though, expect your partner to show up beside you (smile).

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03-09-2019, 01:58 PM
On my XI5 no matter where I trigger anchor mode it will automatically turn bow and face into the wind, so if I position it myself and I'm a little off on positioning bow into wind it corrects for it.. stern stays put unless you have swirling winds then that makes it fun. This is with a 18 ft pontoon boat to.