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Lane Palmer
02-22-2019, 10:29 AM
Pulled 50 yesterday in 16-24ft of water. Water temp was 50-52 degrees, and we were using tandem rigged Thump Chubbies in the Blue Lightning and Orange Crush colors. Jigs were rigged on 1/8 ounce heads. The fish wanted the baits moving slowly at all times. Not so much up and down, but more so swimming left to right, or on the fall.



02-22-2019, 10:49 AM


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02-22-2019, 11:17 AM
How were you fishing? That seems heavy to me for the way I fish. They seem to like as light weight as possible. I single pole cast. Love your baits by the way! One of my largest caught on your Thump Chubby CR Special.

Lane Palmer
02-22-2019, 11:21 AM
SuperDave, I was fishing like I normally would, but instead of using one jig, I used two. I would get my jigs in the target depth, then swim them from left to right, or right to left. If that didn't work, I would reel in and pitch out to the desired depth, and let the jigs fall back to me.

And I appreciate you using my stuff! That CC Special had paid my bills on many a guide trips.

02-22-2019, 12:29 PM
Wasn't sure if you were trolling or something. Could I ask why the heavy weight? I've always heard least amount of weight possible to allow for slow fall. Just curious if I should be using heavier.

Lane Palmer
02-22-2019, 05:22 PM
I went with the heavy weight so we could both fish quickly. The fish were very aggressive and didn't require much finesse, so by using a heavier weight than usual, we were able to move fast and fish aggressively. Typically speaking, all of my guide trip customers, myself included, will be using a single jig set up with either a 1/16 or 1/8 ounce jig head.

ET Fish
02-22-2019, 06:36 PM
Thanks for the tips!

02-22-2019, 07:01 PM
Thanks. That’s helpful. I think I could start using heavier jigs in some situations then.