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Lane Palmer
02-19-2019, 01:34 PM
Although fish can't read, here is a mental schedule I go by as the spawn quickly approaches us. This is all from my standpoint based on the lakes I guide on. Your individual experience on the body of water you typically fish outweighs what is written here.

Water Temperature Schedule

52 Degrees and below: fish staging on main lake following bait.

54-56 degrees: black crappie start to move up.

60-62 degrees: white crappie start to move up.

65-72 degrees: fish move to shallow brush piles, bridges and docks.

75+ degrees: main lake brush and timber.

Target Areas

-I'll start my searching in the backs of coves, pinch points (where a bridge cross a creek and fish are forced to move back and forth through the area), isolated structure in shallow water, and transition zones (deep water next to shallow flats.)

-Begin your search at the far north end of the lake, then work south as the season progresses.

-Look for areas with a lot of structure in 2-8ft of water. The dirtier the water, and the darker the skies, the shallower the fish will be.

-East Texas lakes are typically 2-4 weeks ahead of north Texas lakes.

-Shallow ends of bridges, button willows, reed clumps, rock piles, stumps, root balls, undercut banks, fallen trees, docks, the dam, beaver mounds, logjams, and ledges are all great spawning grounds.

Moon Phase

-If we get a good warm spell (nights in the upper 50s/low 60s) during a full moon phase, especially the one in March, y'all better be looking shallow because it will be on like Michelle Kwan.

-Typically, you'll get a small early push during the full moon in February, two major pushes during the March and April full moons, and a last minor push during the May full moon.

Helpful Hints

-If it's light out, use white and chartreuse. If it's dark out, use black and chartreuse. If the water looks terrible, use a pink head.

-Use the lightest jig head you can get away with.

-If a cold fronts hits, and it will, find the closest deep water to where you've been finding shallow fish and start looking. I usually focus on 8-14ft water when a front hits.

-When fishing very shallow water, choke up the trolling motor or cast to potential fish holding areas, so as to not scare them off the bed.

-Males will be shallow during the day, while big females will come at a later time (typically at night) to lay their eggs.

-Do not, I repeat DO NOT be patient with shallow fish. Fish very quickly until you get bit, then slow down and pick apart the area.

-Have fun. The spawn is either incredible or incredibly frustrating.


02-19-2019, 01:42 PM
Excellent read and tips!

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Welcome aboard from Arkansas.

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Thank you so much for the advice!! It really helps to have an orderly approach to finding fish.

Lane Palmer
02-21-2019, 12:42 AM
I appreciate the kind feedback everybody. I am very blessed that I get to hunt and fish for a living, and hope that this post pertaining to spawning crappie helps to lead a few folks in the right direction this upcoming spring!

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Great info. Glad to have you on board as a Sponsor. Best group of perch jerkers in the country.

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Great info. Might need to make this one a sticky

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Lane Palmer
03-06-2019, 11:08 AM
As of yesterday, finding fish in prespawn mode all over DFW right now. 12-18ft has been my magic depth, with water temps being in the low 50s.