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SKs Crappie Catching Adventures
02-16-2019, 12:04 PM
From my neck of the woods.....
Water temps are on the rise hitting 61 yesterday, the word is out that the crappie are spawning however they are a bit early.
Several several bank beaters out yesterday with only a few fishermen having a couple to a few small males to show for it, most had that stripped cat riding in the passenger seat....
Meanwhile I put the work in reading and trusting my ole school electronics and seen the fish were not roaming the open waters as they have been the past month and were holding near/tight to structure in 10 to 14fow. I proceeded to single pole and got on some good fish.....
I seen at least 20 boats out spidering and I only seen a few fish caught by some of them and most of those were dinks.....
Moral of this story regardless of the reports you hear or read trust your electronics to put you on fish at the time you're on the three lake......


02-16-2019, 05:23 PM
Good tip and nice catch!

02-16-2019, 07:02 PM
Good report, nice catch!

02-16-2019, 07:39 PM
Enjoyed the report, thanks!!

02-16-2019, 07:39 PM
Excellent! Congrats!

02-16-2019, 07:48 PM
Congrats I see you had your G sauce out

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02-16-2019, 10:26 PM
Unreal !
I am so envious of your open water an hitting 61degree temp
along with a crappie spawn while we are in the low digits up here

I'm sure for those in hunt of, the surgeon, count will be up this year

Myself Just thinking spring an awaiting the spring thaw

Nice catch. :ThumbsUp


t fuller
02-16-2019, 11:03 PM
Yep, use your electronics, hunt’um up and load your boat. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

02-17-2019, 07:14 AM
I sure wish I had a boat , I miss looking for them on the graph ,especially when I am on the bank guessing for sure .
Them fish pix you sent me about made me run off the road the other day brother ..mighty fat slab puppies for sure .
looked to me some was taking them jigs down the throat as well , man that's fun .good job sir .
lets maybe long pole a few tree tops next week in a creek I have not hit in 25 or so years .
I kinda doubt we will ketch a monster crappie in there , but unless we try we will never know for sure :Rofl
p.s. they did some kinda clean up at the little lake I love out west ,they took out the big willow you lost the whale crappie under a few years back and removed large portions of the cattails they spawn in as well and I am not sure of what else might have been done, but to be sure they are mismanaging it terribly and might have killed most of the fish last summer when they dropped the water level really low in an attempt to help the lower lake .:banghead

hog pawn
02-17-2019, 08:33 AM
Nice catch👍

02-17-2019, 08:45 AM
Nice catch. I am envious of your weather. Water is in the low 40's here and we are having record like rainfall. Waters muddy and in the trees...

ET Fish
02-17-2019, 08:49 AM
Well done!