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12-17-2018, 07:12 PM
Does anyone have a drawing(most likely) or a picture of a crappie inhaling a minnow or other bait? I am not a huge fan of Tats but my wife is and would like a Tat to honor my father. She wants something with a crappie, so I am proposing a tat of a crappie in haling his favorite color tube jig with his must have yellow line so he could watch it like a hawk. More detail the better as far as the markings on the crappie.

12-17-2018, 07:48 PM
PM Special K here on crappie.com. He is good on crappie drawings. Not sure how he feels about tattoos.

12-18-2018, 12:19 AM
I am not a huge fan of Tats but my wife is ...

Let her get the tattoo.

12-18-2018, 04:27 AM
I’ve had one in mind for a few years. Well, two actually. Neither are big and both reflect the things I have followed in my life. The wife just goes off the hook when I talk about going to get them. I think that the art would be a good way to honor Dad in a way that has become a lot more mainstream than in years past. Go for it girl.

12-19-2018, 06:51 AM
I saw this one on c.com a few months ago and I think it is cool! I do not know if the drawing or idea is copyright protected. Perhaps "G" or someone on the forum will know.


12-21-2018, 07:05 AM
I got only after it bit the jig photos ..
if that helps

snake River
12-21-2018, 11:50 AM
Sorry guys pictures look bad.