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Daddy and Luke
06-21-2018, 11:10 AM
With all the talk about pulling cranks and jigs, I thought I'd share with everybody how we pull out and count line. We are by no means pros at the crankin' yet, but I've read every page on the MS thread and didn't see anybody mention this technique.

Gotta have a partner for this to work. Say I've got a 10ft pole and need 50ft of line. I'll pull the crank to the end of the rod...10ft. Swing the crank over to your partner at the other end of the boat, have him hold the line where it meets the bait. Raise the rod to pull the slack out. Your partner will appreciate you being careful not to "set the hook" in his hand. :RoflOnce the slack is out, get an idea of how high your rod tip is. Let's say 45*. Have him throw the crank in the water. Open the bell and lower the tip so he can grab the line at the rod tip. Raise it back up to 45*. Repeat this 3 more times and you have 50ft of line out. Once you get the hang of it, it's SO much faster than pulling line by yourself. Just adjust your math depending on rod length and bait depth.

Side note: After reading back through this, if you've got youngins as partners, you could start off with the bait at the rod tip and eliminate swinging two trebles around.....

And thank y'all for this new addiction. I've got 24 arkie's on the way so hopefully they'll be here tomorrow so I can hit the lake early Saturday!

eagle 1
06-21-2018, 12:10 PM
20 yrs. ago on Choctaw lake we long lined using old fly rods and Zebco 33 spooled with 6 lb. line . Make cast and pull for 100 yids . no fish ? let out line 5 ft. every 100 or so yids . Normal pass of the levee would make two adjustments . Your system will work for sure . I mention this because most any change or continued adjustment will work .

06-22-2018, 09:35 AM
Do yourself a favor and get some of these. My daughters run these without casting. Your system will flaw with larger room for error and will much more prone to inconsistent line length which will affect your ability to reach the target depth.


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