View Full Version : Hook, Line & Threader for live minnows and artificial swim baits

04-25-2018, 12:20 PM
Ran across this method for fishing live minnows and though it may be good for losing fewer baits without resulting in a caught fish plus the minnow is supposed to be capable of living for hours being rigged this way.

Concept seems solid and I felt it was worth the initial investment to give it a try. Also liked as to you could turn the hook upwards to make pretty much a weedless design when needed. Also can use the method on artificial swim baits as well.

I looked at a couple of different "needle" designs but even though it cost a bit more the Hook, Line & Threader product was what I liked best as the insertion tool was designed as to where you could pre snell rig your hooks and the other design you inserted the leader and used a loop to then attach the double hook and then pulled the loop back up into the minnow.

The double hooks can be found in many sizes to match the fish being targeted and can also be found online in higher quantities and at much better prices than from the maker of the insertion tool making it not an expensive option if it works well.

By some of the videos I watched the minnow has a very natural swimming action unlike some other ways of rigging.

Any of you guys ever tried this and what did you think of it?
Below is a link to one of the manufactures video's