View Full Version : Record Crappie

03-23-2007, 11:14 AM
Heard a 5LB 8OZ crappie was caugth on Granada. Can anyone confirm?

03-23-2007, 11:38 AM
Just got off the phone with Roger Havens, owner of the Crappie Shop on Grenada lake. I asked him and he kinda laughed and said "no, no one has caught a crappie that large." I said "you would know wouldn't you" he said "yeah, if anyone caught a crappie that big from the lake I would be one of the first people to know." I bet he's right. Sounded like it was nuts in the background there. Wish I was there. :D

J White
03-23-2007, 11:52 AM
I think that rumor was what you call precognitive or some thing like that :D
It was about the one I'm gonna catch tomorrow :p ;) :D

LIL' Joe
03-23-2007, 12:00 PM
So what time will you be back so we know when to expect pictures?

J White
03-23-2007, 12:57 PM
LOL, I'm not REALLY even gonna go there,
making predictions for the trip, I mean.
The way things are going
so far, I'll be glad to just get back with all my tackle and un-drownded:D
plans all going astray. Just talked to billbob tho, he's already down there
and had one that went 2.6 but had to get off the lake cause of wind.

03-23-2007, 06:34 PM
Got the same kind of rumor going on here about a 4 1/2 +.Supposed to have been caught a few weeks ago and been in the Albany paper!! LOL---No One I "ve talked to that Crappie fish"s knows anything about it..I know its sure packed our boat ramp!!!!!!

03-24-2007, 12:29 AM
Nope, no 5-8 here. It was a big rumor.