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04-08-2018, 05:37 PM
Where is it? 4-8 Springfield Ill. and it's snowing like crazy and starting to accumulate . This SUCKS:dono

04-08-2018, 06:05 PM

04-08-2018, 06:06 PM
We're still down in the low teen at night and daytime temps are way below normal for this time of the year. Looks like a week or two before we are able to wet a line in the boat. Last spring was similar I believe. Warmer temps are coming.....they're just on a slow boat!

04-08-2018, 07:00 PM
And the wind sucks too. It constantly changes direction.

04-08-2018, 07:42 PM
What's this spring you speak of? I thought it was winter straight to unbearable heat? Maybe I need to move

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04-08-2018, 08:12 PM
Now we have a weather alert of a inch or more for tonite. Just have to wait and see. :banghead

04-08-2018, 08:28 PM
I took a week vacation from the job to fish the spawn. Even here in Texas it has been to cold to bring the water temp up. I don't know how many times I can adjust my tackle from my couch.

04-08-2018, 09:10 PM
Someone told me that this is the 95th of January.

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ET Fish
04-08-2018, 09:53 PM
Someone told me that this is the 95th of January.

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04-09-2018, 07:56 AM
Well woke up to 3inches of snow this morning. 4-9. I surrender.White Flag Icon

04-09-2018, 10:16 AM
Yesterday switch box went out on the Merc so towed it back home. Today snow. Thinking about joining the bingo crowd.

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04-09-2018, 11:03 AM
Don’t get your hopes up after this teaser warm weekend coming up as weather channel is saying another winter storm projected for 16-17-18th and another cold front after that one following. I pray they are wrong as I am sick of this weather. Rivers here finally crested last night, but it won’t take a lot of rain to bring them back up again. Fishing in mud is now the norm.

04-09-2018, 02:17 PM
definitely read for some sun and warmer temps. our lake is at 48degrees still. ugh.