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Beaver Trapper
02-21-2018, 11:03 AM
What are your thoughts on P-Line/Flourocarbon vs Mono for general use? I used 4 lb mono for years. I liked it, and I learned its limitations. About 12 years ago, I discovered P-line. Other than for medium action rods for exposed hook type fishing (not crappie) it was my go-to.

Once I started using 8 lb P-line on 1000 series spinning reels, I stuck with it. That stuff is strong, and thatís what I wanted, because I used it for bass more than I did for crappie,

As with most things, itís a trade off. With P-line, I get strength, abrasion resistance, and sensitivity, but am I getting this at the expense of something else thatís important (action, visibility, or anything else important)?

Are there times (live bait, heavy cover, etc) that P-line would be better than mono for crappie? What about mono, when is mono the better choice?

What lb test do you use, and do you use that all of the time for all rigs?

Just trying to learn everything that I can from the Masters of Crappie....


02-21-2018, 12:02 PM
I use p line on everything that I use to cast, except long line setup, where I use hi vis. I have used p line since it first came out and don't plan on changing. It's quality line. I like 4 or 6, flouro

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02-21-2018, 04:06 PM
P-line for life! Well flourocarbon at least. i can remember as a kid me a dad went to fish early one morning, while waiting on the sun to come up we were fishing just outside a marina with just enough light to tie on. Well dad "hangs up" with 20lb p-line and proceeds to break it but all he does is pull the boat closer. After we tie it too the kleet and use the trolling motor to break it i soon realize after 50 yards something isnt right. At this point im thinking its the marina cable or a piece of rope and right before i go to cut it with sissors the line jumps 2in to the left then the right, i look at dad like hold it still what are you doing. Right then he said "hold on i think its pulling back.." Then the line drifts into the front of the boat and proceeds to take drag. Keep in mind it has a nasty stretch spot from the kleet. After 30+ minutes of fighting we can finally see something start to roll at the surface, (still to dark to see) as it comes closer i can begin to make out a gigantic catfish! I mean absolutely stunning proportion. I try my best to get him in the boat but he is every bit as long as my 5 foot rod box. After giving up dad gets the jig out and he slowly sinks to the bottom, my guess is he weighed 70+. We were in a 21' champion bass boat and his tail touched from the top of the rod box to the shift handle where you sit down! 20lb p-line ever since haha

I throw flourocarbon on everything unless i need braid, i usually stay with 8lb during the spawn and switch to 6lb during summer, i can attest to fishing a damaged dock this summer with 6lb and had a 4.28 bass wrap me in a sunken ceder tree After i has casted over the rusted bars crossing the walkway i knew i was gonna lose him it kept getting worse with every tug but somehow i managed to get him in. In my experince mono stretches more, we would only use it on topwater for bass but thats not to say it dosent work

Beaver Trapper
02-21-2018, 05:18 PM
That sounds sort of like my experience with P-line as well. Not the catfish part, of course, but the P-line breaking point being much higher than the listed poundage. Great story, thanks for sharing.

I started using it when I went through my saltwater fishing phase. Brackish fishing in south Louisiana is a nightmare for cut lines. Itís not the rocks that are bad. Itís the oysters and rusted metal that are so bad. P-line seemed to work well for me, and Iíve been a fan since. On my 1000 series spinning reels, 8 lb has proven itself to me. I better have light wire hooks, because Iíll sometimes pull up a whole Christmas tree if snagged. (Something I would probably rather not do)

When using flourocarbon, I pass my string through the eye 3 times instead of 2. Seems like I remember standard trilene knot slipping on me years ago. I started using 3 passes and have no problems anymore

eagle 1
02-21-2018, 07:00 PM
P- LINE( fluorocarbon) Works great on a jig pole . I used Stren for 50 years or so but have to say with little to no stretch it is like lightening striking your pole on a bite . Capps/Coleman use it jigging , so I'm all in . :fish

02-22-2018, 08:42 AM
Use P-Line as a leader for braid - even in spincast reels. Not sure if it makes much of a difference using 6# test mono as a leader.

02-22-2018, 08:53 AM
I'm more of a bass fisherman, but I use P-Line on everything except my frog rod and its got 65lb Power Pro.