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12-10-2017, 01:44 PM
The home page articles are chosen by Slab and some of us mods. If you want a chance to be on the home page, a couple things help. One might be an unusual event , like being featured in a magazine, writing an article for a magazine , or the fine pointers we get from our Pro's from time to time. But what we look for, through the sight, are threads with nice pics, good stories, family time, and some text. Of course we love posting crappie and unusual catches. Just pics usually don't make it on the HP, we need text or a short story as well. As a reminder, these articles and the responses to them help the sight. Our sponsor's keep the sight running and they love to have mentions in the articles. If you want us to consider something, feel free to pm Slab or myself anytime. It helps if you copy and paste the thread header or tell us what forum and the title.

Speaking as a moderator, I also want to thank our members for being well behaved, fun loving and just good people who care for Crappie.com. It really is a pleasure for us guys to spend time on here and at the state events.

Thanks to you Slab.

12-10-2017, 07:44 PM
Thanks for posting this Danny. I also appreciate y'all posting comments on the home page articles too. I made mention of that in another thread. And as I always say, Crappie.com members are the best. tanks everyone