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01-21-2005, 11:59 PM
Does anyone use Charlie Brewers weedless jigs for trolling? How good do they work? Do you feel like you lose any fish with the hook point being slightly inside the bait? Thanks. CF

01-22-2005, 02:56 AM
did you ever get the chance to see the TV show "Crappie University" ?? I forget the guys name ... but he was always using Charlie Brewer Sliders, and either trolling them in creeks, or jigging them in treetops & brush. I never found out if he rigged them "weedless" when using them to troll, but he did catch Crappie using them (of course any "hang-ups would have been edited out ....LOL!!).
The only negative I can see, in using weedless jigs while trolling, is having to be able to set the hook "immediately" after the hit. Trolling is not "real different" from casting, as it relates to weedless rigged jigs ... you would still have to "see" the hit - determine if it was a hit or just the jig hitting an object - and set the hook ASAP, before the fish could reject the offering. But, trolling with multiple poles and weedless jigs could get a little tedious ... especially if the Crappie were just nipping the baits.
I find the actual "slider grub" to be a good bait ... looks a lot like a "minnow" (long thin profile) and has good tail action. The "slider jighead" does seem to lift the bait up, in the water column, more so than other jighead shapes ... generally requiring a heavier slider jighead, in order to stay at the depth you get from the other shaped jigheads (of lesser weight). The hook is larger, per related weight of the head, than most other jigheads ... and that may require a little stronger hookset and/or heavier line.
You could rig the slider grub on the slider head - non-weedless ... or you could try "Texposing" (skin hooking).

These are just my observations and opinions, as I don't troll enough to really have any vast knowledge base to draw from ..............luck2ya ........cp

01-22-2005, 07:13 AM
Hey there....I use Charlie Brewer Sliders all the time when trolling, but I do not ever use them setup as weedless.....I wouldn't have the time to set the hook on the rods in the event that we have more than one go off at a time.

If you use them, but don't have them setup weedless and you are trolling the hookset is almost automatic because of the forward movement of the boat....

01-22-2005, 10:19 AM
All we do is troll out here for crappie and NEVER use weedless. Instead we started useing a very nasty jig that needs no "setting" of a bite at all. We troll the tree tops and right above the brush all the time and probably average 2 or 3 break offs a day between the two of us in the boat.
I wish our laws would allow for more poles like used back east but we make it work anyway.