View Full Version : Corey from Vexilar called today

02-21-2007, 06:36 PM
I get this call from Corey at Vexilar this morning.Would you take a few guys fishing,their at MilleLacs.
Sure I said.
We left with 35 out of around 50 or so caught.
They used the Genz bug with euros and I went with T.H.E. Jig.
We banged them pretty good until the wind picked up to like 30-40 mph.
It was tough going ,but we still caught fish as the other packed it up & left.
Dean,Greg & Vern were great guys to fish with.
They all had a great sense of humour and were ardent fishermen to be sure.
I got to try out the Vexilar parka and bibs today.
Oh do I have to give the cudos out for making some awesome gear.
I kneeled all day on those padded knees and being in water all day you'd imagine I was soaked.
I stayed warm & dry even with the wind howling.
I wonder how I ever went out there without these new digs!
Thanks Corey! I mean it,a huge thank you goes out to you and your company.
Anyway not to dally here ,the pics.

Here's Dean & I with the first 2 slabs caught in the first 2 minutes.
Dean with another slab..
We all had our Vexilars running & gunnin..
Here's Greg..
and again..
Then there was this guy from Iowa,Vern
[Then of coarse CK..& Greg
I know there were more photo quality pics that could have been taken ,but
hey we were fishing!

02-21-2007, 08:38 PM
great pictures and slabby fish. I would say there are a few fish in the area there, nice little shanty town doing. :D WTG

02-22-2007, 09:38 AM
Truth be told ,I offered to go with to show them were to fish.
The pressure was low & diving lower so I new the slabs would bite & bite they did.
The slabs on this lake are a nice calibur of fish. Thick shoulders!