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Benton B
09-30-2016, 06:17 AM
Have heard and read that high pressure oxygen tanks are dangerous if not well secured, can fall, break off the cylinder valve and take off like a rocket. OK, I got the hazards and cautions about the high pressure O2 tanks and Iíve seen the U-tube videos on tanks falling and breaking off valves. Itís easy to understand why you should never, ever use pure 100% oxygen gas or any oxygen generating equipment unless you are properly trained absolutely know how use pure oxygen and oxygen equipment.

But, I found several different types of fishing O2 generator systems that do not use high pressure O2 tanks. O2 generators eliminated the high pressure O2 tank safety issues completely.

*All fishing oxygen systems deliver 100% pure oxygen, near that and all create an oxygen enriched environment in the livewell gas space (>24% oxygen).

Itís the pure 100% O2 gas and oxygen enriched livewell environment safety, hazards and dangers that Iím concerned with and can find little to no information.

Most of the web sites that advertise and sell fishing oxygen systems donít discuss safety, hazards or precautions about using the pure 100% O2 gas. It can lead a fisherman to believing there are no safety issues when using pure 100% oxygen gas.

I have talked with salesmen that sell boats with livewell O2 system and they all say O2 is no different than air when it comes to safety. A few say donít smoke around O2 and donít lubricate oxygen equipment with oil and thatís all there is about safety.

Question: What do you know and/or where can I find real factual information specifically about safety, hazards and precautions when using pure 100% oxygen gas with all these different types of fishing oxygen systems?


09-30-2016, 08:39 PM
Firstly..it's good to have a cautious bone with these things.But being a third generation trades man from the plumbing and HVAC fields I can tell you we live with oxygen cylinders,haul them around,use them extensively in braze welding and cutting and it's safe as long as you.....Use some common sense in the handling and read up on some basic practices and general knowledge.The biggest threat from pure oxygen is as a fire accelerant. Pure oxygen can turn a small fire into a big fire and when mixed with some materials is highly explosive.

A healthy respect and general knowledge . It's one of those things you can use everyday of your life with nary a problem as long as you understand what you're doing.

Just "google" handling oxygen safely" and read away.You can also pickup information from any local welding gas distributor and also using medical gas for home use information.

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wannabe fisherman
10-01-2016, 05:15 AM
ANY kind of pressurized tank can be dangerous if the valve is broken off, doesn't matter what's in it it can take off like a torpedo and some larger ones like the oxygen tanks for acetylene welding can go through block walls. think of them as a balloon when you let go of the open end you know what happens, it's the same thing with a pressurized tank

Benton B
10-03-2016, 08:17 AM
Doggone - Thanks for the web site and search suggestion, that’s the safety information I’m interested in and was looking for. As you suggested, I Googled “handling oxygen safely on boats” and found plenty of great information there too.
Again, thanks so much.

Wannabe - Got it… careless safety practices, unsecured high pressure compressed gas cylinder falls over and breaks off the cylinder valve, metal cylinder takes off like a rocket… blows a hole in the side of boat, maiming or killing whoever in unlucky, gets in the way of the flying metal tank and gets hit.

The simple solution to this problem seems clear – Always follow the high pressure cylinder rules and always secure any high pressure gas cylinder and I don’t mean on the thin plastic lid of a plastic Igloo ice chest or leave the O2 tank (unsecured) in the bottom of the boat. Secure means secure.

I’m wondering out loud and asking if anyone here knows for sure just how to use pure 100% O2 gas safely on my boat when my kids and I go fishing. What are the safety rules of the road about using the gas? Careless stupid accidents are often preventable when you know and understand the rules of the road, oxygen safety.

A few fishing oxygen systems generate, produce and deliver pure 100% oxygen gas. These O2 systems do not use high pressure oxygen tanks at all… these are the oxygen generators type fishing oxygen systems like the ones that come in most any brand of bass boats, i.e. Types like - FishO2, Aqua Innovations Oxygenator, PSA oxygen generators, those type fishing oxygen systems. High pressure O2 tanks are a non-issue, not used with any of these O2 systems.

Doggone suggested some really good websites.