View Full Version : Tip uping

02-11-2007, 12:26 AM
me, my friend my dad, brother went out for a little tip up time a few weeks ago (my friends first time), .
we got there around 12 o'clock and we were set up at 1. my brother pulled up a 1/2 pound northern. then me and my friend decided to jig for a while. so after about 10 min. of jigging my bobber was slowly going down after it cleared the ice i set the hook. immediatly after i knew it was something big, real big :eek: . after about 5 minutes of fighting the hawg came through the ice. a walleye. 9 1/2 pound a new PB (personal best):D . and then we started getting a lot of strikes with small northerns.
2 hours after set up i seen a muskrat running across the lake so i went to chase it everything was fine until.... i slipped. the muskrat mus thave seen i was down and it turned around and came after me :eek: :eek: so i curled into a ball and started kicking the first kick hit its target and i was able to get up and run. meanwhile my dad brother and friend were coming to have some fun too. then i seen a flag go up so i ran to it once i set the hook it was dead weight. and after 1 min. she came through a 6 1/2 pound northern:D.
as it ends up we got 16 northern 1 walleye (Mine:cool: ) and a few crappies and sunnies. we only kept 6 northern and my friend caught his first 2 tip up pike.