View Full Version : looking to buy weedless jig heads

04-27-2016, 08:56 AM
I am looking for a source for weedless heads , heavier than most , 3/16 or 1/4 , barbed collar , with sickle hooks . Prefer a stranded
wire deflector .

Any help would be appreciated,


04-27-2016, 10:42 AM
Plenty of good sources on this website. PM Nightprowler Grousefly

vic n
04-27-2016, 12:11 PM
Here is a link (http://www.crappie.com/crappie/-member-sponsor-classified-ads/) to the member/sponsor forum, and if you post there you will get several options

wannabe fisherman
04-27-2016, 02:20 PM
Grousefly makes real good ones, not to say others don't, I just have some of his.