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04-11-2016, 11:18 PM
caught roughly 51 crappie & roughly 27 Perch... Largest crappie was just over 12" The rest were 8" & up. (here In Idaho we have no regs on them) My friend took home roughly 13 crappie & 11 perch on top of what I have in the pics.

Official poundage of what I kept 11.5 pounds of Crappie after being played and 4.25 pounds of Perch filleted. Took a long time to get them all cleaned. (but Im very picky & try not to waste much if any meat)

We ate roughly 1 lb tonight for dinner. :)

http://i161.photobucket.com/albums/t209/ysrriders/fish/51_zpshybi3p3f.jpg (http://s161.photobucket.com/user/ysrriders/media/fish/51_zpshybi3p3f.jpg.html)
http://i161.photobucket.com/albums/t209/ysrriders/fish/DSC08522_zpsgvpvdrnz.jpg (http://s161.photobucket.com/user/ysrriders/media/fish/DSC08522_zpsgvpvdrnz.jpg.html)
http://i161.photobucket.com/albums/t209/ysrriders/fish/26_zpsjgarndpv.jpg (http://s161.photobucket.com/user/ysrriders/media/fish/26_zpsjgarndpv.jpg.html)

04-12-2016, 03:19 AM
very nice, both good eating

04-12-2016, 03:31 AM
Good catch, congrats

04-12-2016, 04:08 AM
Nice catch

04-12-2016, 04:31 AM
Good catch

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04-12-2016, 06:17 AM
Excellent job of catching there! Congrats! :)

04-12-2016, 07:12 AM
very nice .........
pretty fish yawl got there for sure

04-12-2016, 07:12 AM
Wow! Nice catch. Thanks for sharing the fishing report and pictures.

04-12-2016, 09:14 AM
Man yaw SMASHED em!!!! Looks like a great day for sure!

04-12-2016, 09:14 AM
Those perch look delicious. Nice catch.

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04-12-2016, 09:23 AM
yes you did ! :cheers2:highfive:ThumbsUp

04-12-2016, 01:07 PM
We went out 2 weeks ago for the first time ever in my new (to me boat) & had all sorts of problems.... Motor issues, Tank/hose issues, wiring issues, etc.... then lost my brand new fish basket with roughly 16 LBS of fish... Was really upset about loosing & waisting the fish! I Hate wast!