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04-08-2016, 03:43 PM
Wow! I still can't believe I am the winner of the (post a fishing report). I got my winnings today from Slab. The artificial bait that Johnson (Beetle Spin®, Spinner Baits, Spoons | Johnson™ (http://www.johnsonfishing.com/)) makes look great. I am going to give them a try the next time out on the lake. I would like to say if you are a Lurker and not a member of Crappie.com you just don't know what you are missing out on. Slab and his moderators has made a very family friendly fishing web site. Slab is always making new contests to win great products from the companies that sell on his site. I have learned a lot about crappie fishing on this site and all the very knowledgeable fishermen here will answer just about any question that you can dream up. It only take a very few minutes to register with Crappie.com and that's your first win because it doesn't cost you nothing to join. So the next time you are just looking on this site go ahead and join we would love to have you in our Crappie.com family. Thank you again Johnson for the great fishing products you give for the contests and a great big thanks to Slab for this Crappie.com site. Here is a picture of my winnings. Wow!

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04-08-2016, 03:58 PM
very nice

04-08-2016, 07:10 PM
Good for you, Scrat .... congrats !! :HandsClapping

And thanks for the wonderful sentiments about our great site & family, we do our best !

04-08-2016, 07:13 PM
Good stuff, enjoy!!

04-08-2016, 07:14 PM
Congrats scrat

04-08-2016, 07:39 PM
Man, it's a great feeling, when life's little joys become our greatest treasures. nice catch!!!!

04-08-2016, 09:29 PM
Congratulations! Good stuff.

04-09-2016, 05:36 AM
Congratulations my friend.

04-09-2016, 06:07 AM
Congrats!!! Now get them wet :-)))))

04-09-2016, 06:20 AM
Way to go scrat! Congrats :ThumbsUp

04-09-2016, 06:53 AM
That was a nice assortment of lures etc.

04-09-2016, 08:23 AM
very nice sir ......congrats :ThumbsUp

04-09-2016, 08:27 AM
Congratulations, I won one of the Arkie drawings. I got 16 bags of soft jigs and a decal. It's a good feeling when you get the winning notification.

04-09-2016, 08:02 PM
Even tho it costs nothing to join, it would be greatly appreciated if you become a site supporter too. The donation helps keep this site free to everyone. Plus you get a crappie.com supporter by your screen name. I've noticed that people joining after 2010 and on dont have supporter under their names. Check with a moderator if you'd care to become one of us.

04-09-2016, 08:06 PM
Congrats to you scrat.

04-09-2016, 09:07 PM
Congratulations! Looks like some neat stuff to try, Good fishing to you................

04-09-2016, 09:12 PM
Congrats on your win, good fishing to u .....

04-09-2016, 10:15 PM
Way to go. Congrats.

04-10-2016, 07:08 AM
Thank you for your post Scrat. And you are very welcome. Thanks for your participation here too.

http://crappie.com/1ads/buttons/johnson125.jpg (http://www.johnsonfishing.com/Bait/Johnson-Bait,default,sc.html#prefn1=ZZSERIES&prefv1=Johnson%2520Crappie%2520Buster/)

Thanks go out to Johnson also. One of out many great sponsors.

04-10-2016, 07:17 AM
Congratulations! Feels pretty good eh. :)

Tony the Tiger
04-10-2016, 07:46 AM