View Full Version : Mr. Crappie on TV today at 1:00 ET on the Outdoor Channel

01-15-2016, 09:37 AM
Got a text from Wally this morning to let you all know:

"Hey Crappie Fanatics !! Today 1:00 ET on Pro Team Journal TV on the Outdoor Channel you will see these bad boys get caught by yours truly ! Get your pop corn ready ! Jokers Rock !"

on Lake Lavon in Texas

01-15-2016, 11:38 AM
Gonna miss it. I dropped my expensive cable package.

01-15-2016, 12:06 PM
Get your Strike King Slabo or whatever he is selling.

01-15-2016, 05:23 PM
Wish i had been home.

01-16-2016, 08:07 AM
Get your Strike King Slabo or whatever he is selling.

"Slabolicious".......................................funny name but that paddle tail bait works really good. His crappie shows always teach you something. I recorded it to share with some church members. Great show!

01-16-2016, 12:19 PM
Verizon decided last year that I didn’t need the Outdoor Channel in my lineup anymore. In 2 weeks won’t have RFD-TV any more either.
With my new “Fire Stick” I’m spending moretime watching Mr Crappie & other great stuff on youtube.
Just a matter of time before I’m a cutter.

01-16-2016, 01:08 PM
I watched it. Pretty good show. I thought it was funny that he started out fishing purple and chartreuse then shifted to blue and white, which made sense but in one of his talking points standing next to his boat he was talking up using pink and chartreuse. I always enjoy his shows. Like ship said seems I always learn some little something from him.

01-17-2016, 03:05 PM
Too bad I missed it. Was working!! Well their be a replay of it??

01-17-2016, 07:24 PM
Good show, but even though I've tried the "Jokers" on many occaisions, I still go back to either the straight tail or the paddle tail for productivity. I am a firm believer in the pink/chartruese color combo though.

01-18-2016, 08:32 AM
Wally loves yellow shoes and the electric chicken color (Pink and chartreuse) lures! He told me that is his well guarded secret to success. He has done a lot for crappie fishing. I am shipahoy41 and I approve this message folks.:biggrin