View Full Version : 2 hours to play with the crappie

11-16-2015, 08:09 AM
my boat has been in a state of repair in the garage for a while now . some of it is just maintenance and some is actually illness . I invited my bud to go ketch a few fish in my little john boat before the rain set in last night .
he said he was going bank fishing with his lady and I said well I don't think we can fit 3 in my little 10 footer . maybe I come hook yours up and we go drop it in the little private lake for a boat ride ? it can fish 4 easily and we should be able to locate a few fish .
so we hit the water at 2 pm and were gone at 4 pm . the rain followed me to the house and I kept a few to clean .the graph said they were suspended but all the fish that would bite were down in the brush on the bottom . 1/32 and 1/64 lucky strike jigs and tri color tubes did well and I also had several take a thermocline tad pole in pearl ice on a 1/64 as well .we have been managing this water body and release what we want to grow and keep what we think are small and need to leave .probably tossed back about 8 white crappie and kept all the smaller black crappie ....let the bass go as well to hopefully help control the ridiculous high numbers of black crappie in there . we have seen a little improvement on overall fish size and will continue to do our best to control them .
water temp was 63 and the fish were all holding in the deeper water .lake depth max is about 15 feet and most fish were in 13 or deeper inside the brush . it seemed strange to me that with it as overcast as it was we didn't really hammer the fish and it also seemed a bit odd they were so deep in the brush . one thing for certain they were biting very light and it was a bit tricky to ketch them .
and yes i think they looked just like my jacket in the last photo before we put them in the ice chest ....LOL
have a nice day ....:cheers2