View Full Version : Fort Loudon - Catching everything but crappie?

08-27-2015, 05:05 PM
Hello east tennesseans! This is my first post so I figured I would semi-introduce myself here as well.

Over the past few months I have become extremely interested in crappie fishing. I generally fish from a boat on the chickamauga(when I am in chattanooga fairly regularly) and bank fish at fort loudon(I live in Lenoir City.)

I have been attempting to fish the concord park area at fort loudon(first tried the piers with not much luck, and now am fishing the west bridge more consistently with better results) fairly regularly over the last few weeks but I am unfortunately not having much luck in terms of crappie. I've tried a multitude of times of day and late night(with a submersible light) to try to hone in on when the crappie may be biting, but I seem to consistently be catching everything but crappie(yellow bass and catfish most consistently.) Over the past few weeks I have been out fishing approx. 12 times and only managed to catch 1 11" crappie. I generally use live minnows for bait but have tried some different color variations of hairtail jigs as well. Seeing as I am very new to crappie fishing, I am seeking any advice on setup, bait or locations that may help me with what i'm really after-Crappie. I am of course not after your honey holes but any advice would be much appreciated!