View Full Version : Looking forward to a great year

01-01-2007, 03:43 PM
As we enter 2007 we have decided to expand our
line of lures/jigs and will be doing so throughout
the year. Our new lures will continue to be
hand-made and retain the high quality our
customers deserve. These new designs will retain
the same theme of glass and glowing glass and are
guaranteed to be something never seen. We will
continue to lead the fishing industry with new and
innovative products. It is our goal to continually
produce products that wow the fishing community
but more importantly intrigue, attract and
ultimately catch fish. We are currently in the
finally stages of prototyping a new, all glass jig
which we believe will be great for ice and open
water . We welcome all input from you our
customers as we continue to develop new and
interesting products and would like to thank
everyone for making our first year a great one.