View Full Version : March 28th Clinton Lake Tournament results.

04-06-2015, 10:02 PM
Hello All,

It was a cold day on the water, however that didnít stop the die-hard Crappie fisherman. I knew we were a hardy bunch. We launched in 18 degree temps + wind chill. It was a cold morning and cabin fever couldnít keep us off the water any longer. I believe most teams caught fish, however some teams couldnít find keepers. The wind was brutal on the main lake, however the Crappie were still deep. As the air temp hit 32 degrees I started catching Crappie on the first tree in the cove, however they were mixed in with Blue Gills and all too small to keep. The keepers were found suspended in deep water on the main lake. Scattered all over the place.

12 teams entered the tournament, half brought decent baskets to the scales. Smallest basket of 7 Crappie was 3.32 lbs. Winning basket was 4.89 lbs. Approximately ľ oz. per fish separated first from sixth place.

1st place team- Terry Davis and Matt Mullens- 4.89 lbs.
2nd place team- Steve Zehr and Dave Nugent- 4.05 lbs.
3rd place team- Jeff Schrader and Joe Schrader- 3.80 lbs.

Big Fish of .89 oz. belongs to the team of Terry Davis and Matt Mullens

Good job all! Despite the temps it was a great day on the water.

Tim Hanauer
HOI Crappie Club