View Full Version : SCARED !!! I might fall in , am i going to be to close to edge ?

04-01-2015, 09:23 AM
Thanks G it is great to be able to post without key board going wacky !
OK moving on to the problem . I measured my boat for a double seat and the deck is 55 1/2 inch across the 3/4 pedastal hole and talked to Ron at Cumberland and the 30 inch base with tempress seat would take up 48 inches ( this would give me about 11 inches between seats ) I need the space between seats for my big self and to be able to get around in boat . Problem is it only leaves 7 1/2 inches and divided x 2 that gives me a little over 3 inches on the outside and to me that's like setting over water and any misstep would put me in the lake . The same think applies if i put two bases . If i move it back farther then i think i wouldn't be able to watch for stumps ect for trolling motor use .
Are ya'll setting this close to edge of boats edge and any suggestions please ! I'm 67 now and the cat like reflexes are starting to not be there any longer !

04-01-2015, 11:17 AM
Hello: I went to two single seat bases, that way two can adjust their own seats the way they like to. It works great for me. They are sturdy for my fat arse at over 285 lbs. Good Luck O - R

04-01-2015, 01:46 PM
BH on the boat I used to have I was close to the edge like that....never had a problem.....but I have since traded boats and have a wider one now and it makes me feel better. The deck is lower in the boat too and I like that better. I am 70 and not as agile as I used to be.

Mrs. Crappie Stalker
04-01-2015, 02:29 PM
We've had that issue in the past, too. Our solution was to buy a pair of armrests from Grizzly and put one on the outer side of each seat. It really did help, especially when Paul "accidentally" hit the rabbit button on the TM. :)

04-01-2015, 05:16 PM
Pontoon with nice guard rails sounds like a good alternative to me.