View Full Version : Why Am I logged Out Each Visit

10-27-2014, 10:49 AM
Latley after each visit I find I have to log in again. What can I do to change his?

10-27-2014, 11:18 AM
Make sure you check the "Remember Me" box when you log in.

Not sure why, but I applied a software/security patch yesterday early AM and it removed that checkmark for some.

10-27-2014, 11:21 AM
It appears that when Windows did a downloaded "upgrade", it also unchecked all my "remember me" boxes. Just had to re-check them and now all is fine.

10-27-2014, 11:24 AM
YEP, it even booted me off :banghead ... and I had to go through the password reset thingy to get logged back in. (and I never log off)

... cp :kewl

10-27-2014, 01:09 PM
Made me think this morning. DP

10-27-2014, 05:51 PM
I have no remember me notice to check.

10-27-2014, 09:38 PM
You will have to be logged out to see box before logging back in.

10-27-2014, 10:03 PM
Don't know what OS you are using but iOS 8 kicks you off now due to not saving web data. Previous versions didn't do this. I now hate my phone as I have to log back in numerous times a day.

10-28-2014, 11:29 AM
Still getting logged out every visit.

10-29-2014, 08:12 AM
Bee, maybe if you're on an iPhone, you're encountering what DrNip is talking about. If it's tapatalk you're using, my tapatalk is all broken on my iPhone anyway, I'm using Forum runner now, or my PC.

10-29-2014, 08:59 AM
I have a phone with 10 digits. Thats all I can handle. It will work itself out

10-30-2014, 05:17 AM
Its all good now.

Gomer Snerd
10-31-2014, 06:46 AM
I figured they were ashamed of all those big black crappie pictures showing up the rest of us southern boys and tried yo make it harder for you to post them!!!

10-31-2014, 10:55 AM
Still getting logged out every visit.

You won't find BEE using a I Phone!!