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07-13-2014, 08:06 PM
For the guys who could not make the meeting I want to get you up to speed. We had a great turn out and a wonderful meeting. We now have 15 members which includes several husband and wife teams. Our membership fees are set at $35 a year. Husband, wife, and any dependent children in the home are covered under that membership. Our tournament fees will also be $35 per boat for members and $50 for non members. $15 of that 50 will go to ETCC. Boats will be aloud up to 3 people (2 adults and the 3rd has to be under 16 years of age). We also discussed lightly some of our by- laws and tournament rules but did not discuss either in there entirety. My goal for our first meeting was more geared towards getting to meet all the guys, setting our fees, answering any and all questions the guys may have had, and getting members signed up. I asked everyone to please between now and next month be thinking of several things which we will be voting on. They include officers including President, Vice President, Secretary, and Program Director. We need to look also at possibly doing some fund raising in some manner. Also we will be voting on our tournament schedule, tournament dates and tournament lakes. We have chosen to start our first club tournament in September. Obviously we will have to also approve our by-laws and tournament rules next month to be prepared for the first event in September. All paid members at the meeting next month will have an equal vote. We also made the decision that it would be best to hold tournaments on set weekends on a monthly basis. We decided that the 3rd Saturday of the month is when we will hold tournaments. Our club meetings will be held on the 2nd Saturday of each month. As a club we want to also further everyone's knowledge of crappie fishing and not focus solely on tournament fishing. So at each monthly meeting the first thing we will do is have a crappie class. Classes about everything crappie fishing from spyder rigging to pulling cranks, building crappie houses, where to look for fish at different times of the year, and so on and on. Also Chris James (Tenncrappie) brought a couple hat samples for everyone to look at which turned out great I believe. I want to thank you Tenncrappie for that. I want to thank Jeff Lanning with Crappie Reaper Planner Boards for donating a set of planner boards for our raffle. Also we will have shirts at the next meeting to purchase. I will post a picture of them on here to look at. The shirts will run somewhere between $12 to $15 dollars. We also had a raffle where we raffled off a set of Crappie Reaper Planner Boards, a Mr. Crappie 12 foot slab shaker rod, two packs of artificials, and the two East Tn Crappie Club hats. Wally Porter won the boards, Matt Xenos won the rod, Don Speer won the artificials, David Loope and Chris James won the hats. Congrats to everyone who won. For all the guys i met yesterday, I consider it a blessing to have met such great people. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for us. I believe the sky is the limit.

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Shirt looks great!