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02-15-2014, 06:43 AM
What kinda reel is best with this pole a 11ft ozark rear seat I'm thinking and do you cast much with a jig pole or just vertical fish around brush stumps??

02-15-2014, 06:44 AM
What lb test line also??

02-15-2014, 09:12 AM
An Ozark rod with a Pflueger President spinning reel spooled with 10 -2 power pro is my go to bye a wide margin…

http://www.cabelas.com/product/Fishing/Fishing-Reels/Spinning-Reels|/pc/104793480/c/104760180/sc/104837580/Pfluegerreg-Presidentreg-Spinning-Reel/1254609.uts?destination=%2Fcatalog%2Fbrowse%2Fspin ning-reels%2F_%2FN-1102842%2FNs-CATEGORY_SEQ_104837580%3Fgclid%3DCLDThpr0ibwCFdJGK wodaEsAAA%26gclsrc%3Dds%26WTz_l%3DSBC%253BMMcat104 793480%253Bcat104760180&WTz_l=SBC%3BMMcat104793480%3Bcat104760180%3Bcat104 837580


02-15-2014, 11:22 AM
What ever style reel you decide to get make sure it's heavy enough to balance out the rod. The cheap plastic reels are light and will serve the purpose but the rod will feel lighter by adding weight with the heavy reel. Pflueger President's are very nice but I if your just vertical fishing the reel will just be a line holder and you can get by with a cheaper reel. I chose the Shimano Sienna 1000 and it balances my Ozark 10ft perfect. They have one size smaller and several larger. I paid $25 for mine on Amazon and I have them on all my jig poles. If you want Pflueger and don't want to spend the money to get the President take a look at the Trion. It's cheaper and still a good reel. All my bass rods have Pflueger reels riding on them. You could try a baitcaster. I see a lot of people using them. I have them on my trolling rods.

02-15-2014, 01:10 PM
I agree with Bunk Pflueger President on my 10 ft Ozark rod. As far as casting I would not. I have an Ozark L.T Rod its great for jigging.

02-15-2014, 01:46 PM
Thanks for info I can't cast a big caster very good but jig pole guess your pulling off the reel instead of casting? I'm very knew to crappie fishing just buying everything up to take and try out. I was home for two weeks no weather worth fishing. I'm back on the towboat now for 3 weeks get home early march and will gave three weeks to fish. So I really wanna learn how and what all I need so I can order it in the next couple of weeks. I already have Cumberland crappie t bar two of them and rod holders also. I got a wind sock trolling motor on the front of my boat and side mount for tm side pulling. I need to order at least 3 jig poles and reels plus line and jigs for them. I need 8 poles and reels for spider rigging plus line and jigs. Also need 2 casting rod and reels for long casting around 7ft poles and l need line also. Side pulling I'm going with roger gant difference rods by bnm and lews reels. I need help buying all these idk what to get or really how to use a jig pole.