View Full Version : Plano Spinner Bait Holders Included In Their Tackle Boxes Question

01-31-2014, 10:31 AM

Not really important, but was wondering if any of you guys found a "clever" solution for this, perhaps.

Got a new Plano tackle box with those Spinnerbait Holders they now include.
Clever idea, and useful.

But, as I use only the smallest sizes of Spinnerbaits, the slots in the plastic are not spaced right
for these small sizes, and will not hold them. Doesn't "force" enough tension in the wire as the slots are way too high up the piece. Can't imagine why they didn't cut another one or two further down.

Can, and will probably, take out my saws and cut some additional slots in the piece, but a pain, as it looks like a hard plastic.

Anyone come up with any other approaches ?