View Full Version : Daiwa Spinmatic-C 8 foot Rod: Thoughts On ?

01-19-2014, 07:44 AM
Hi All,

Thanks for all the previous help.

Lots of fun trying to decide on a new rod, but a bit uncertain without the possibility of actually trying several of them out. Anyway, it helps thinking about it in getting thru the winter here.

Have narrowed it down to a Daiwa Spinmatic-C Ultralight, or the ProAngler Tackle one (Spinning).
Both in 8 foot length. Prices are about the same, being <$ 50.

Anybody have any thoughts on one over the other in the 8 foot length ?

Most of the Crappies, etc. I catch are quite small.

My main "concern" with the Daiwa is whether in this 8 foot length it has enough
"backbone" and strength to handle the (very) occasional several pound Largemouth the Pond I go to apparently has without breaking ? Or, is it just too wimpy and flexible for this kind of weight ?

Any thoughts would be most appreciated. (And, the Daiwa one vs the ProTackle Angler ?)