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12-09-2013, 04:04 PM
I'm looking to sell or trade my 01 Sprint 289 F/S with 150 Merc and have some interest from someone with an 03 Tracker Tournament V18 w/90 Merc. I have no experience with this boat, any advise (pros/cons) will be greatly appreciated..... oh will be setting up for crappie fishing (pushing/pulling)..... Thx

12-09-2013, 04:14 PM
Nice boat. Quick and agile. Great setup for spider rigging.

12-10-2013, 08:16 PM
I have the exact boat except it an 01. I love mine, cuts the water and rides great on the water. The Deck is large enough to set up 2 for spider rigging, very stable and although its aluminum it's a heavy boat, thus does well in choppy water. The 90 pushes mine about 44-45mph with 2 GROWN men and equipment, plenty fast for old guy like me. You can buy prettier and faster boats, but for just enjoying catching crappie.....it perfect for me.

12-11-2013, 10:41 AM
I have 02 with 115 merc.i agree with hookedonslabs,.I spyder rig outta mine and it works out good.the 115 seems to do really good on gas.the only issue I see is it seems to catch guite a bit of wind ,causing some unwanted drift.it sits up high in the water.i try to keep the nose pointed into the wind so I can keep control.over all I would definelty recommend this boat. I hope this helps

12-11-2013, 11:36 AM
Fished out of one for a while when my grandfather had his and it was really nice to use.

12-11-2013, 12:19 PM
Thanks all for the comments. Feel free to keep em coming. I'm going to look at it next weekend and go from there. Thanks again.....

12-12-2013, 10:06 AM
Had one for 16 years for Bass fishing and trolling for trout up north, and it's a great simple boat (not too much to go wrong with it). The only thing I had to do was rebuild the deck once in 16 years and that was because the boat was left in the water from ice out to sometimes chipping ice to get the boat out of the water ( waited too long and the lake froze a couple years). Back when I had mine, it was a plywood deck and in Massachusetts the boat saw plenty of days of fishing in Snow. The 90 HP is just as Hookedonslabs said- will do 45 MPH with 2 people and it's a sturdy boat and very easy to trailer.

I think you'll love the boat.
Good luck