View Full Version : Long-line Trolling Double Jigs Question

11-28-2013, 09:49 AM
I noticed that a couple of Florida guys agreed on placing the heavier jig head on the top of a tandem rig while long-lining. I've always done the opposite with my heavier, usually 1/16 jig, on the bottom...while placing a 1/32 jig on the top. Seems like when one of the jigs is a different size, you'll have a good spacing in the water column. I have had success doing this and would have never questioned myself until now. Any comments on what is the best practice and why would be appreciated...thx in advance to all the crappie people out there. :)

11-28-2013, 08:51 PM
The best practice is the one that produces that day. I believe that the heavier jig up high gives the lighter jig more activity. Tying a lighter jig on the top on a loop knot also gives the lighter jig some activity but restricts the movements by the length of the knot. A wooly bugger is weightless and works very well as a second offering. Just my opinion.

11-28-2013, 09:35 PM
I've always tied the heavy jig on top as well & the lite jig on the bottom.

11-28-2013, 10:36 PM
When your using doubles and tie a heavier jig on the top it seperates more from the main line than a lighter jig would. The heavier jig in conjunction with a big loop knot (8-12") will fall down off the main line while the trailing lighter jig and main line will be slightly higher in the water column. If you have success the way your doing it now just stick with it.

11-29-2013, 07:11 PM
Another question about two jigs on the line, how do you tie the top jig? Do you use a dropper loop or tie a loop knot with a long tag end??

11-29-2013, 07:30 PM
Yes. Depends on what is working. I have been known to tie the upper direct but mostly use dropper loops.

11-30-2013, 06:44 PM
There's a thread on the South Carolina board on long lining that had about all the info you will need to longline.