View Full Version : Weird day of fishing

06-23-2013, 11:44 AM
Went out on the lake this morning to troll for some crappie. Me and my dad had about 6 poles out with different colors and styles of grubs. All over the lake, catfish were hitting the top of the water like bass. You could hear some come up for gasps of air and some were jumping out of the water. I had a catfish hit a blue and pearl, sexiee tail shad on a red head jig and snapped my line. Then another catfish hit a red head jig with a chartreuse body and a green feather tail. I fought this cat right up to the side of the boat and low and behold I hooked him in a whisker. It looked to be about 4.5 pounds and just as I reached for it, it came off. Then we lost a couple of grubs getting hooked on the bottom. Then the same jig with the chartreuse body seemed as if it hooked on something on the bottom. We began to move over to it and it started moving. I fought with this cat walking all the way around the boat and could not get it to come up to the surface. Then it pulled tight and the line went slack. We reeled it in and the jig had it's hook straightened! After fighting the other cat and then this one, they fought exactly the same but this one had to have been at least 7 pounds. Then just as it was getting too hot here in central florida, the same color jig hooked on to something else that turned out not to be the bottom. I fought this one all the way to the front of the boat. We ended up trolling after this one. I was on the front of the boat and you'd have thought I was out in the middle of the ocean reeling in a sailfish. We fought this thing for 10 minutes and then a turtle head popped up in the distance and then we could get it to come up or move. So what we assume was a turtle, snapped the line. It was a crazy day! We ran into some other fishermen on the water who were bass fishing and they told us that they caught 4 large catfish on rattle traps! My dad had his new electric chicken grubs and was looking forward to catching some crappie, but we didn't get a single bite on them. It was like catfish city. We have only caught one baby crappie in this lake and we always pick up a catfish. And we've caught about 3 different kinds too. We were thinking with all the catfish in the lake, maybe they're disrupting the crappie from schooling? The only thing we know is it was a weird day on the water.