View Full Version : Fishing Generating Flow Rates

Charlie K.
06-21-2013, 04:39 PM
How does the release of water on lakes effect the fishing ? I fish a lake that is usually at a constant level except when we have heavy rains. After heavy rains they keep the level of the lake I fish constant but they will generate around the clock trying to keep areas above and below me from flooding. Any suggestions on fishing while they are generating.

06-23-2013, 11:35 AM
If the lake level is staying constant, then the only immediate variables are the outlet below the turbines and the increased natural flow at the inlet(s) area. I haven't fished any big impoundment outlets, but the small ones I'm familiar with generate both a lot of turbulence and throw a tremendous amount of food in the downstream as a result. When the downstream flow is up, the walleye and smallmouth fishing definitely pickup, but you have to get down to the fish in some pretty rough water sometimes. I've seldom had great results for crappie under those circumstances until the outlet's structure provides some calmer spots for them to hang. Depending on the bottom, the banks, and the general topography of the outlet stream, that turbulence effect can carry for miles or just peter out in a few hundred yards.

On the upstream end, the increased turbulence accomplishes the same thing, but the effect spreads out and dissipates in the wider, calmer area of the lake fairly quickly unless it's a real narrow lake. If it's crappie you're shooting for, I'd concentrate on the inlet(s), and get just a bit back from the most turbulent areas. If you can find the kind of structure crappie like best near where the turbulence starts to calm, you should find some good fishing because the crappie should find some good feeding in an area they're comfortable hanging out.

As for the 'central' stretch of the lake, as long as the water temp hasn't taken a plunge from the water coming in, the usual spots should continue as normal unless the fish happen to have left their hangout and headed upstream to the easier feeding for a spell. At least that's how it has worked in the 'northern' lakes I've fished. I've got very little experience in the warmer waters down south.