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08-04-2006, 02:47 PM

I know on occassion several crappie fishermen are looking for a source for jigheads (painted or nonpainted) and a source for crappie jigs. If you are interested you might view the websites of both of these fine gentlemen. I have used the jigheads and jigs and they are both high quality plus both of these individuals will work with you on custom orders and can match your individual preference on hook sizes with the jig heads or the jigs themselves. I have been using the sickle bend hook on some of Jeff's products and think I might have found a new way of putting a fish in the boat. Matt uses the sickle bend or regular jig hook in his products.

1). Jeff S. with www.FishyMemories.com produces a quaiity jig head and will work with you on jig head size and type of hook.

2). Matthew C. with www.jigumjigs.com produces an extremely high quaility jig and will work with you on preferred colors.

Hope this helps anyone looking for painted or nonpainted jigheads or custom made jigs.

Good Fishing,

08-04-2006, 03:10 PM
Thanks Muddabber For The Kind Words....

I Will Try My Best To Provide Anyone Interested In Quailty Hand Tied Jigs....
Please Feel Free To Visit My Web Site....

Matthew (jigtyer)

08-04-2006, 04:16 PM
You are right Mud-Dabber both do excellent work!

08-05-2006, 02:33 PM
Jigum is pretty innovative with his colors, he has a new Avocado colored jig that I understand is a productive color in the DFW area.


08-06-2006, 05:33 PM
Just to let everyone know - I am going to Firefighter school starting in September. Lasts about 12 weeks. I have already been a Paramedic for 11 years. I will not be tying any jigs for that time.
If you need any - please order by The end of August.
Try the Original Minnow Spinner. Just like the pony heads but a minnow head and willow spinner - cause crappie don't eat horses!!

PS congradualations to Tim reynolds for the catch of 224 keeper crappie in one day on the minnow spinner. ( All on 4 green on green soft bodies )
Way to go dude! and send me some pics please.
Brian Bodin
Southeasttackle and Outdoors
2914 Sagefield Rd
Tuscaloosa, Al 35405

08-07-2006, 07:47 AM
Brian, good luck on the Firefighting School. I work around them quite often and they are very technical and can and will wear many hats at emergency response scenes. Hopefully it will cool down somewhat while you are in school as that bunker gear might be a little warm during this hot weather spell.