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07-09-2006, 03:37 PM
Got up early to beat the tubers etc. that annoy me. Went to a spot I have been doing well and tightlined 15 or 20 in an hour no problem. Decided to try a new spot at the mouth of the stream and picked up 5 right away. Got distracted by some minnows and swapped rods and cast to them. Nothing. Went back tightlining with a different jig pole with the same set up. Nothing. After about an hour I happened to think I had different line on the original rod I used. Switched rods and back to catching lots of fish. Never saw that much difference in line before. Usually does not make any difference. Water Visibility is 8 ft. now. Must be the reason.

07-09-2006, 04:46 PM
What were the two lines you were using, and which one was more productive? I usually use Wally hi vise but when I got stationed out here in California I had to switch to florocarbon due to how clear the water is. It really helped my catching pecentage. Know if I could find a good florocarbon line that doesn't have some much memory I'd be set. Also, Congrats on your catch. I know what you mean about those tubers and skiers.

07-09-2006, 07:01 PM
The 4# Mr Crappie in camo worked. The 6# Mr Crappie in hi vis they would not go near. I have used about every line known to man and they all have memory after a few days. This is the first time I noticed line shyness. I replaced the hi vis with 10/2 Power pro. Been wanting to try that now that the fish are suspended. I have Power Pro on my Bass gear that I use about twice a year. I ordered some Sufix on Grizz reccomendation last week.