View Full Version : New forum just for kids and mentoring kids in fishing.

07-20-2012, 11:43 AM
This new forum was suggested to us by Nimrod, and Nimrod also volunteered to moderate it.

Here's a link to the original thread and poll:

The idea is to encourage our youth to participate here, and encourage adults to teach kids to fish. After all, we do pride ourselves here on crappie.com as being family friendly.

Please post stories about mentoring our youth. Additionally we'll be having all sort of contests on here for the kids to get them posting here as well.

I've already contacted Mr. Crappie, Wally Marshall. He'll be signing small and medium crappie.com t-shirts for us to give out here in contests. That should start the ball rolling. We'll see where this all ends up. Thank you very much Nimrod for your efforts to make this forum come true.