View Full Version : Surface Water Temps at Blue Grass Pit

11-17-2004, 01:41 PM
Water temps have fallen about 5 deg F since last week. I measured the surface water temp at about 55 deg F yesterday. Also another fishermen said he had the same temp reading on his temperture gauge.

I was still catching fish in the 6 ft to 8ft depht ranges around some scattered underwater weed growth.

I fished Loon to catch the shallow fish last week and this week too.

I also saw some big schools of crappie staging off a drop off. They were about 100ft out in the lake from the drop off and at approx 20ft deep. I know they were crappie by the fact that I caugth one on a Chartrue 3/16 oz TeeZur Jig Head with a black body and chartrues tail's soft hollow bodied plastic jig attached. I also added a chartrues Berkeley Crappie nibble to the hook. I caught the fish tightlineing with a drop shot method. The trick is to be able to get the bait right at 20ft. The crappie were shown stacked up vertically on my depth finder. When the water hits 55 degs the crappie start to suspend out in the open water near the drop offs. If they are in a negative mood they may be out away from the drops and suspended out in the open water (confined Open water) but when they get hungry they may move toward the drop off and feed up on the top shelf or around the drop off's cover.

I didn't check my regular spots as I ran out of day light. I got a late start yesterday and only fished for about an hour.